miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

There was a nothingness in my brain

Being an "apple" apple not trying to be anything else that that, an apple, the apple sublime was about to enter the realm of nothingness. That was quite a challege and the opportunity was ripe. Therefore, the very applelian appelness of the appel raised its apple voice into the mighty blue sky to claim for its kingdom back. It lasted just a minute or two, and everything took a weird turn afterwards. Looking back on it, the apple will remember the bright light, the bright light and the noise.

And this is what the apple learnt there... in the nothingness.

Absurd thing that really really matters nº 2

When you think you are what you are, an apple, for example, you are really making everythig up. Put other words, no matter what you really really are because what you really really are is that what you don't think you are. Got it? Ok, let's try again. When you realise that you've been an apple pretending to be a pear for a certain amount of years you feel kind of relieved, right? Fine. But in this case you are creating a new "ideal" framework to feel comfortable. In this case you'll behave "finally" like an apple and be identified with your appleness..., a dumb apple for that matter but a happy one. Only when you get to the understanding of what you really really are NOT, will you be able to shed away this new skin and start afresh and anew in the world of nothingness. Nothing you really are is what you really really are and always will be. This is and always will be certain.

I'll share with you this poem who wrote an Spanish guy..., he wrote it in Spanish and a friend of mine who comes from Mexico has translated it for me into English:

By Francisco José Francisco Carrera
An apple
is an apple
but if an apple
thinks it is a pear
then the apple
has lost the way
of appleness,
the apple
has to suffer
the loss
to gain again
the understanding
of what really is,
because an apple
is never what it thinks
it is.
When the apple
becomes an apple again
it is time
to go farther
and you just can go farther
by going deeper
into your very soul.
When an apple
is ready
to lose its
the door of the world
will be open again,
by stopping being
what we think we are
we enter the realm
of nothingness
where anything can happen,
a space of total freedom
where neither apples,
nor pears, even less apples
pretending to be pears,
can dwell.
By being nothing
we, apples,
can gain the true
essence of reality,
by being nowhere
we, apples,
can inhabit
the entire universe.

This is true
and no-one can deny.

In two weeks time we'll meet again, come heaven or hell, high water of low tide...