miércoles, 6 de octubre de 2010

On flying without wings and loving the enemy within

After the dim silence, my frail voice can be heard in the distance again. For a while, a light was lit right between my very eyes. Therefore, I did think I was to be forever enlightened. But then, the dismal winds of sadness turned up totally unexpected to wreak havoc and turn apart the seams of stars that protected my life within its brand-new sheath. I was left stark-naked again. And I cried for a million years and the salty flavour of my cheeks brought a hungry animal near me to lick me clean of all my sins. And I was, after all, on my feet once more, ready to hit the road and face the world alike. And thus a new secret was fully revealed to me, and here I am passing you the information. Hope you can make some sense out of it…

Absurd thing that really really matters nº 7

You can fly,
you were always
made to fly,
it is just that
you prefer to deny
the beauty
in you,
the starry skies
that pervade
your very soul;
but look,
nothing can prevent
you from reaching
up and starting to fly.
You can fly,
no wings required,
wings are for less
sublime creatures
than you are,
and you, precious
heart of hearts,

you are the light
that never fades,

the beacon in the night
that always shines
as far as far can be.
And when you fly,
when you fly
you love,
no matter how,
you are love itself
flying around
without wings,
you are the first man
treading on earth,
the ultimate weapon,
Achilles’ last stand.
And when you fly
and you love
the enemy within
becomes your
very soul.
And there’s no stopping
you from there,
the sky is the limit.

Therefore, brother of mine,
learn to fly
without wings
and love
the enemy within
and life will
be as sweet
as the sweetest
of lives can be.

I’ll be waiting
for you
to walk together,
hand in hand,
into our promised land.

Nothing else in front,
even less behind.