sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

On the importance of being here and there

The hand that has been here for a while equals the primal rush of blood to your head when you first opened your very eyes to this World.  I guess you know that already, dude, I am almost sure.  But hey, listen carefully, today is your lucky day, don’t forget that, today is the best day of your life, the past is gone and the future unwritten so focus clearly in the now and wave your hand, feel how every cell which is you is alive as well…, and kicking, fell your body, your brain working overtime, you soul expanding all your energy towards the universe.  

It’s high time for a new revelation, get ready for the ride:

Absurb thing that really really matters nº 11

When you think are here you are as well there.  And that’s alright, unless you get it all wrong and take for granted the whole game of Creation.  You play here, yes, but you are really there, so there is here, and here is…, well, seems to be here but is nowhere because it’s a fake, a mighty hoax, but a wonderful and lovely hoax nevertheless.  So what are we expected to do?, you might ask, well, nothing really and everything you feel like at the same time, that’s the never-ending paradox of being born into this world.  You are here but you are really there, you belong to both places for a time but the you who is really you knows better, the answer to this conundrum cannot be exposed in words, languages cannot grasp even the gist of it all.  
Get drunk, it may help, or don’t, it’s a waste of time after all.
Myself I need just now Chicken Curry, so I’d better call it a day and have a rest…

More from me in a fortnight