miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

On the importance of using the proper pair of shoes

Have you ever thought about how important it is to use the right pair of shoes on your feet? Really, this is something to ponder about for hours on end, trust me, I'm telling you stories you've never heard of before. I am the master of a thousand faces and the silent guitar. I am the void in your groins, the subtle caress of the nordic wind in your very eyes. After me, there is nothing, before me, just the stars.
My winter ass todays is really something. Whatever may befall, I'll come to take you home tonight. Then, we can kiss our goodbyes, make love, smoke some dope, you name it. Whatever happens, it happens for good, doesn't it? Have it your own way. I am a connoisseur of the darkness, a true expert in the shadows that come, a wraith, nothing else...
But come, I don't intend to keep you on tenterhooks. Lest I am chided by your mighty heart. Chilblains are always a dreadful thing to suffer, are they not? Being a hireling myself, I respect just the people I am doing their nasty job for. I am no fledgeling, don't take me wrong, I've been on the job for ages, millennia have given me the lore I treasure these days of no trust.
The first time I saw you I really read you like an open book, your intentions were laid out in front of my very eyes. You were lost and undoubtfully needed my help. You are here again asking for a helping hand and of course I am here to back you up again. I love you after all..., never forget that. It is certaint that "whose pulleth out this sword of this stone and anvil is rightwise King born of England", so be it. The die is cast...
Listen to the wind on your back...
Absurd thing that really really matters nº 4
When you are thinking of buying yourself a new pair of shoes, do not consider the issue lightly. It is a serious concern. The first thing you have to take into account is how many feet you really have. You count. You write down. You proceed. Then, please pay attention to you toes, how many are there? Are they happy? Are they in love? Do they sing you songs in the morning? Do they shout at you when the day is done and you are about to hit your mattress for your well-earned night rest? AAAhhh..., you are in for a wonderful trip in there. By gum! You have just started, stay calm and hear me out, it is now or never. Now you have done the maths, it's time to meditate. Think about how you want you shoes to be, do you want them to be talkative? silent? outgoing? rather shy? Are you planning to take them out for dinner tonight? Are you considering becoming a rock star? The place you are going does not depend on your will, it does depend on your shoes' will. Never forget that.
Put it simply, you are your shoes and your shoes are your own self. Is it clear? It is for me..., I have to wear now my shoes of "always being happy and in love". When having them embracing my feet I am just a passing stranger riding non-stop to the stars. I hope to see you there, I'll pay you a beer and you'll buy me another one, after all, we are friends, aren't we, at least we should be..., you wanna be my friend?

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

...and I saw you standing there...

Have you ever stared at the heart of Darkness? Have you ever sliced your very heart and swallow it whole your tear of tears? Have you ever tried to wear your very soul inside out?

I often do break my every limb, my bones... so intensely that my voice is be kept forever in a glass prison. I cry and I shout and I go completely insane...

Absturd thing that really really matters nº 3 (a very short but important one)
Why our thoughts seem to be so real? Have you ever thought about it? Well, the reason is pretty simple, and clear as well. They seem to be so real because they are not real at all. It is a way of protecting themselves, so to speak, to protect their fake state.
Remember this, my friend...
Whatever is real, is real.
Whatever is not real, is not.
Reality is real.
Non-reality is not.
As simple as a simple hat, isn't it?
Whatever is not real does not need to pretend to be real, it really is. This moment we are sharing here is real, "you-being-here-and-now" is real, but then your mind gets bored and demands a piece of the cake, it enters the picture pretending to be "real". The moment your mind steps in your real self steps out of reality and you lose yourself in a non-real world.
Suffering is never real, pain is. You may be in pain, but it is your mind that adds suffering to the equation of "it is so painful that I cannot stand this any longer".
Look closely now, my friend, this is real.
Enjoy being in joy of yourself.
Be real my friend..., be real here and now, where else could you really be real but in reality?