miércoles, 7 de diciembre de 2011

On the importance of accepting the life you are leading

My ex-wife, Aleesha, came to me yesterday and, with a dismal and forlorn gaze in her eyes abruptly spat it out: "Daniel, my life is shit".  I kind of got caught unawares and just gave her a warm hug, then I just said, "welcome to my world".

Let's put this clear from the very beginning, my life has been shit since I have any glimpse of recollection.  Put other words, my life has ALWAYS been shit.  Maybe that's the reason why I decided to become both a Teacher and a Poet.  But that's a long story, and long stories are to be told little by little.

Therefore, just now I wanted to share with you all one more revelation, this time in the shape of a poem.  I hope you enjoy and get some wisdom out of it.  This is how it goes...

Absurd thing that really really matters nº 9

Accept your life even if it sucks, after all is the only life you have...

by Daniel Winterbottom, poet of the things that matter
for my ex-wife Aleesha, who came from Indonesia to share a new light with me

This is my story so far,
this is my life,
utterly normal,
common, ugly and sad,
my life,
just that,
nothing special or exciting,
nothing to write home about,
nothing, really, worth mentioning,
a dull, regular-size, pathetic life,
my life,
my story,
this is what and who I am,
this is it,

trust me,
there is nothing else behind,
just a normal, common life,
my life,
my story,
my dearest heart of hearts,

and the rest is still unwritten
and it  may be not so common,
so utterly dismal,
but I couldn’t care less,

trust me,

it is not that I like what and who I am,
it is more simple than that,
it is that I am what and who I am,
just that,

and I write poems
and I drink beer
as I leave my past behind,

but what about you, bro?
would you care to tell me
the story of  your
common, sad, pathetic life
so far?

I lend you my ear,
as always,
and I’ll always lend you
my heart.

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